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largest single-roof top solar system in north american to be built on jersey gardens mall in elizabeth

by:Xingfa      2019-10-30
Grimcher Real Estate Trust (NYSE: GRT)
One of China\'s largest retail REITs, today announced plans for the largest single retail REITs
The roof solar system in North America will be built on the roof of the Jersey Garden in Elizabeth, New Jersey. The 4.
The 8 MW solar panel will generate enough power to offset 11% of the electricity consumption in the mall.
Jersey Garden, 1.
3 million square feet of rental space is one of the largest properties in the Glimcher area shopping center collection with tenants including Gap Outlet, H & M, Lord & Taylor Outlet, Neiman Marcus, nike Factory Store and 5 Saks Fifth Avenue.
Throughout the portfolio, Glimcher has been a leader in the implementation of a variety of technologies that generate eco-friendly ways to recycle energy, manage or reduce waste and recycle used materials.
Through collaboration with Gerding Edlen Development, Inc. , the Jersey Garden has added a solar array
He is a leading US expert in creating the future in green building, a subsidiary of Gerding Edlen, and an expert in sustainable development, renewable energy and financing.
\"Jersey Gardens has been recognized as a leading international shopping destination and an innovator in sustainability.
Marshall Loeb, president and COO of Glimcher real Trust, said: \"We are proud to work with Gerding Edlen to create a model for clean and effective energy development and management.
Mark Edlen, CEO of Gerding Edlen, said.
\"Working with Glimcher real Trust to develop and manage this solar project, from getting funding, identifying technology to integrating various components to perform the final installation, is very complex, embodies the mission of Gerding Edlen sustainable solutions.
To achieve this initiative, Glimcher entered into an electricity purchase agreement with Clean Focus Corporation.
According to the agreement, the cleaning focus will finance and own the system for the system.
The clean focus will have all the solar renewable energy credit and environmental benefits associated with the system.
The Jersey Garden will purchase electricity at a predetermined, predictable price to provide long-term power supply
Hedge against rising electricity prices without initial capital investment. “The 4.
The scale of the 8 MW project is exactly in line with our best position of 1 MW to 20 MW, and the New Jersey SREC project provides our investors with an attractive return to the President and CEO of the clean focus.
The company works closely with independent developers and system integrators to develop, finance and operate solar systems across the United States.
\"By creating green jobs and incorporating environmental positive green technologies, the project will benefit Elizabeth City and the region as a whole,\" said Mayor J . \"
Christian bolwage.
\"The use of solar energy and its transformation into new energy has supported the city\'s\" green \"efforts, improved overall operational efficiency and effectiveness, and saved valuable money for the Jersey Gardens.
\"The Jersey garden solar system will be designed, installed and maintained by SunPower Corporation (
A company in the United States that designs, manufactures and delivers the most powerful solar technology today.
The expected completion date is August 2011, and SunPower will start installing the SunPowerTM T5 Solar Roof Tile system on February.
T5 solar tile is the first non-solar industry
Combined with high penetration roof products
High efficiency solar panels, frames, and installation systems are integrated into a separate pre-Engineering unit. Tilted at a 5-
Angle, compared to other systems installed on a commercial roof, the system generates about twice as much energy per square meter as other systems. “At 4. 8-
This is a landmark solar device, high through SunPower-
\"Efficiency Panel and T5 Solar Roof Tile system,\" said Tom Leyden, general manager of SunPower . \".
\"By hosting this system, the Jersey Gardens will reliably maximize the cost of electricity over the next 20 years or more.
The development of Jersey Garden has led it to a leading position in sustainable development.
In 1999, Glimcher Real Estate Trust built the mall in a former landfill.
In addition, in order to manage its environmental footprint, the property has adopted a robust recycling plan and recently completed a lighting renovation to replace fluorescent and external neon lighting.
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