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know your tiles

by:Xingfa      2019-11-01
The word tile comes from the French word tuile and the Latin word tegula, meaning baked clay tile.
Roof tiles were found in ancient Greece back in 4 millennium BC.
It soon spread from Greece, Asia, and then Italy.
During the Islamic period, Persia perfected all the decorative methods of ceramic tiles.
From residential areas to commercial areas, there are usually different types of tiles.
The roof tiles are designed to prevent rain from entering our house.
They are made of clay, Slate, concrete or plastic.
There are different styles and shapes being made such as flat plates, imbrex and tegula, Roman tiles, pantiles, and barrel or task tiles.
Ceiling tile ceilings are usually used inside the building as they are made of lightweight materials.
Usually, they are placed on a steel grid.
Most ceiling tiles feature insulation and sound insulation.
They provide convenient pipes and wires for replacement, disassembly and installation.
The materials include Pearl Rock, wood, wool, plastic, tin, aluminum and fiber.
The surface of some ceiling tiles is decorative.
So you don\'t have to worry about the decoration of the office or building.
Type of ceiling tilt.
The sound-absorbing ceiling is good for sound insulation and noise reduction in the room.
Bedrooms and playrooms are recommended. 2.
Tin ceiling is one of the early forms of ecologyfriendly tiles.
They are made of different materials: Tin, brass, copper and steel. 3.
It is used when you want to lower the ceiling.
They are hung on barbed wire.
The materials of tin, wood, metal and mirrors are different.
This type of tile is easy to replace. 4.
This type of tile provides additional insulation in the house.
They are lighter and easy to draw. 5.
Cork ceiling Cork is the most popular ecology
Friendly material.
It is light in weight and has great resistance to decay.
They are refractory when they are in a natural state.
It has low maintenance costs and is easy to install, and you can choose from its various thicknesses.
The floor tiles are mainly composed of porcelain, ceramics, stones and glass.
Stone Bricks without grooves are a safety hazard as they become very slippery when wet.
Examples of this are polished granite and marble.
Type of floor tilt.
The marble floor is very durable and easy to clean. 2.
Terrazzo floor tiles made of clay.
Depending on the clay used, the color may vary. 3.
A tile is a kind of tile.
They are harder and more expensive than any clay variety. 4.
They can imitate other kinds of tiles.
In addition, they are cheap and easy to install. 5.
They don\'t have toxins and slightly antibacterial felt floor tiles. 6.
Quarry tiles are very durable because they are made of clay or shale. 7.
This is another type of tile.
They are waterproof and easy to clean.
There are many patterns, colors and shapes of tiles on the market today.
It is really recommended that you plan which type of tile you will use.
Remember the theme of your house or office decoration so your tiles don\'t conflict with the theme.
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