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June made of millions of orders, star sending resin off-season not 'light'

by:Xingfa      2020-10-18
In June 2016, star building materials in joyous event, a large ping change slope engineering and our factory has signed more than one hundred ten thousand yuan of synthetic resin tile order. Since this year, the correct leadership of the company, to take network marketing model, overcome various difficulties, in the practice and service quality, outside tree image and word of mouth, more measures and marketing actively. Compared with last year, in the first half of this year star building materials has been exceeded, increased 38% year-on-year, gave the first half of a good ending. The second half of July, we open the new ZhengChen, on the basis of the high quality products and perfect service, have the confidence to break the record again!

in June each year, basic building materials industry is off-season, in June this year, however, has become a star building materials critical point. The factory and the mobilization, active preparation, division of labor is responsible for, the company leadership and production worker eat live in the unit, the shift production workshop for 24 hours, people don't stop, take the edge production, shipment, to ensure the production of resin in batches delivered to the customer designated place on schedule.

in addition to this order, only in June, the new added 7 dealers and four project orders. Hunan once a distributor is ordered 300000 resin tile products, zhengzhou, henan, jiangxi ganzhou, total quantity of goods such as guangxi, northwest of chengdu school project also reached 15000 square meters. At present, the factory is working overtime of production, ensure product to be delivered on time.
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