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July star hair resin tile shipping busy mouth to win more orders

by:Xingfa      2020-10-18
Yesterday, chengdu outdoor temperatures have reached 36 degrees, is such hot weather, star hair building materials of the production workshop is busy, in addition to the production workers in overtime rushed production, stopped at the gate of a few big truck also lined up to the loading. Have sent to Tibet, 3000 - square - meter bordeaux red resin tile, also have the car a few goods to dealers and project.

at present, chengdu star hair building materials orders, there are two main sources of the entrance, the first, is our online sales platform, contains the official website, alibaba, major B2B platform, WeChat, blog, etc. Consumers in addition to find products in the major network platform, can find we provide the roof waterproof, anti-corrosion and other comprehensive solutions. The information is professional, the quality of our products is reliable, so to win the trust of consumers, thereby increasing network order.

the second entry is the word of mouth, we regard every order as our reputation, make each order a a word of mouth can spread, we believe that the word of mouth is based on the fundamental, is the cornerstone of our development, we are the source of increasing traffic and customers in the future.
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