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jeff howell\'s diy advice: glass roofs

by:Xingfa      2019-11-04
I have a north facing the glass-
The flat roof facing the extension, which is close to the end of the service life, needs to be replaced.
It covers the far end of the kitchen and living room, which is always a bit dark despite floor-to-ceiling windows.
I want to replace it with a glass roof to make the room look lighter and bigger.
However, the local builders I interviewed did not have the experience of installing a glass roof and they said the weather would be cold and would not pass the building regulations.
Still, others do seem to have a glass roof and I hope you can tell me the pros and cons of installing a flat glass roof.
I can imagine that having a sloping glass roof would be a major building logistical issue due to the flat roof over an extension.
I don\'t have any architectural experience as you might have guessed, but I did watch the grand design!
LG, via email A, the advantage of the glass roof will obviously make the building brighter.
However, there may be many shortcomings. The main drawback is the loss of heat.
In order to comply with the building regulations for new glass windows and windows, it requires double-layer low glass
Even so, the insulation value will not be close to the flat roof that is properly insulated.
Glass and structural frames can also be very expensive.
Other disadvantages are rain noise, condensation, hard to get a good waterproof seal on the wall and double-sealed-glazed units.
You \'d better install a large skylight or roof dome in the center of the existing roof.
The skylight needs to be a special model designed for a flat roof, as it requires a high stand to prevent rain splash in the surrounding roof area.
For example, you can try the attic store (0870 604 0404; www. loftshop. co. uk).
And install and reinstall
Do not use local construction workers to cover your roof.
This is a professional task that needs to be carried out with the highest standards.
Members who use the flat roof Alliance (020 7448 3857; www. fra. org. uk).
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