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jeff howell\'s diy advice: flat roofing

by:Xingfa      2019-11-04
Flat roof gathering moss Q What is the purpose of gravel on the flat roof of my garage?
Silt and Moss pile up around and below the gravel, and some areas of the roof do not have gravel due to drifting.
Should I remove the gravel, replace it, and clean up the silt and Moss?
The roof has a history of at least 20 years but is not leaking.
The downpipe flowing from the main roof gutter flows to the \"plate\" on the roof \".
My neighbor installed an extra length pipe on her garage roof to bring the rain from the roof to the garage drain.
Should I do the same?
CL, by email, there are two purposes for gravel or pea muwa on the roof.
One is to act as a ballast, weigh the covered surface and help prevent it from being blown away in strong winds.
The second is to provide protection from the sun\'s light, which can soften the covering material and make it brittle.
However, muwa should not be drifting freely.
It should be securely glued to the roof cover, or applied to the Ruxiang asphalt roof while the material is still hot, or glued to the felt roof with an asphalt adhesive.
If the wooden tiles are simply scattered on the roof, this is usually a sign of amateur work. Build-
The growth of silt, Moss and other green plants often also indicates that the roof is not well built and there are not enough waterfalls to effectively shed rain.
The minimum slope of the \"flat\" roof should be 1-in-
40, preferably more, otherwise the rain will stay long enough to support the growth of nutrients and will last for a long time
The long-term settlement of the timber pallet and deck will result in water accumulation and potential leakage.
As long as the roof cover is not leaking, it doesn\'t seem beneficial to add an extra pipe length to divert the main roof water.
But after 20 years, any flat roof with a feeling will be close to the end of its life.
When we start over
Covering it, the new plank deck should rise up at the firring pieces to give the important gradient required.
I recommend members of the company using the flat roof Alliance (0207 448 3857; www. fra. org. uk).
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