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is this giant crystal ball the future of solar energy?

by:Xingfa      2019-11-07
It is not easy to compete with traditional forms of energy.
After all, solar panels can\'t even turn all the light into energy.
At present, the best sunlight conversion rate is around 21.
5% of commercial products, although scientists have developed 44 solar cells.
7% efficiency, the goal of some ongoing projects is to increase the conversion rate to 80%.
Another way to improve: let more light shine on solar cells.
A new project that caught my attention was a huge water
Filled glass balls developed by Rawlemon, Germany. The ball —
Powerful lens
Focus the sun on the collector and run at about 30% efficiency.
To maximize the level of light that hits the Sun, the ball can rotate to track the sun.
It uses dual-axis tracking and collects 70% more solar energy than rotating photovoltaic panels. (Facebook. com/Rawlemon)
The ability to gather and diffuse light means that these huge spheres can take advantage of solar energy from the sun, the moon and the cloudy gray sky.
But perhaps the most interesting side of these collectors is that they look completely different than they are now --
Solar power technology.
Beauty is in the eyes of onlookers, but many people think that rooftop photovoltaic panels are ugly, making their installation a controversial issue for homeowners in some communities.
An improvement in this may be solar tile.
Solar tiles can be made into the appearance of ordinary roof tiles.
But solar tiles can\'t tilt to track the sun, and they can\'t concentrate light if they\'re not connected to a rotating mechanism, which totally defeats the point that they\'re roof tiles.
Therefore, a huge future glass sphere that can track the sun and concentrate light may be a big compromise for many people between appearance and efficiency.
Ultimately, the success of the technology may depend on cost and robustness.
The price of traditional solar technology has fallen sharply, so it needs to be competitive in terms of cost.
A huge glass ball is easy to break, and it is very dangerous if broken into pieces by naughty teenagers throwing stones or hail.
But if these things can be made cheaply and can be broken-proof, future buildings may be decorated with beautiful glass solar spheres.
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