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Is there a problem with your roof when the storm is coming?

Is there a problem with your roof when the storm is coming?

Xingfa’s ASA Synthetic Resin Roof Sheet is made of highly weather-resistant ASSA resin, which is dense, non-absorbent and non-permeable, has a large single sheet area, few roof joints, tight joints, and excellent waterproof performance.

Every year when the summer rainy season enters, typhoons are accompanied by heavy rains. Due to wind and rain erosion of the sloping roofs and lack of effective maintenance, the roof tiles of buildings have various degrees of damage, shedding, and rain leakage.

Xingfa ASA Synthetic Resin Roof sheet can properly replace the original roof tiles according to the actual situation to solve the hidden danger of leakage caused by the aging and deformation of glazed tiles or earth tiles; heat insulation and waterproofing on the roof can solve the problem of secondary leakage of rain and snow on the roof.

As a professional ASA Synthetic Resin roof sheet manufacturer, our company has professional engineers who can customize solutions suitable for resin tile roofs according to each customer’s roofing problems, including architectural drawings, PVC plastic tile selection, size customization, and even later Installation Instructions and so on.

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