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Introduces a synthetic resin tile caigang watts and the performance of the contrast

by:Xingfa      2020-10-16
The hot summer has slowly away, cold air comes slowly, around the large plant and other projects to create completion, recently many customers consultation workshop with caigang watts is still the synthetic resin roof tile. Industry and trade co. , LTD as a professional resin tile manufacturers for your brief analysis compared with what material this good plant! Hope to help you choose. Caigang watts as a traditional roofing material, there are many advantages: by all sorts of color steel with monolayer steel combination caigang watt plant bearing capacity is good, but their light weight, low cost: the contrast color steel sandwich panel factory can save cost RMB 30 to 80 square meters, the seismic capability: steel has excellent strength and patience, just earthquake resistance level of 6 degrees, big span, can meet the needs of all kinds of industrial output. Inevitable caigang watts also has certain disadvantages: 1, short service life, especially with high acid and alkali chemical industry workshop, basically use three to five years will appear serious corrosion leakage problem, affect the normal production and living. 2, heat preservation and heat insulation, caigang watts with no insulation, cold heat transmission coefficient of appropriate fast, in summer, indoor temperature is high, and in winter, indoor temperature also varies with the climate change quickly. 3, condensation surface: winter or hot climate, in particular, when the owner did not seal doors and Windows, indoor air temperature is higher than the outdoor air temperature, caigang watts term condensation surface will appear water droplets. A brief caigang watts rust, will also bring not convenient to produce. When encounter this kind of climate, the user urgent close doors and Windows, completes the closed method, the surface will disappear. And synthetic resin tile is a new roofing materials, because of light weight, can greatly reduce the roof load, reduce the transport cost and construction cost, about some of the old house and layer and the renovation construction projects and new countryside build chose synthetic resin tile. Since the function of the guangzhou Asian games after its excellence, rich color and other interests are more and more customers are recognized, brother now industry &trade co. , LTD. , the production of synthetic resin tile color quality assurance for 10 years, quality assurance for 20 years, the actual service life more than 50 years. Synthetic resin tile both waterproof and beautiful, light weight, effectively reducing load roof, color and elegant, beautiful and easy, beautify the environment. Any messy in the shape of roof can meet the demand of construction, the construction of a brief, no pollution, and can reduce labor intensity. Resin, in general, as a new environmental protection building materials, in the process of actual use, caigang watts more than advantages, hope our analysis can provide help for you.
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