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Intelligent household will be integrated into the elements

by:Xingfa      2020-10-13
Every morning, according to the set time of room acoustics, wave the melodious music, electric curtain automatically, automatic coffee machine out of coffee, this life perhaps we have seen in science fiction movies, perhaps in seen between the example of this new technology meeting, although we ordinary people life seems there are still some far away. However, with the continuous development of Internet, Internet of things and big data, become the development trend of domestic life in the future.
computer incarnate the future family control central
what is intelligence household? Smart Home, intelligent household, is a residential as a platform, using the integrated wiring technology, network communication technology, intelligent household - System design scheme of safety technology, automatic control technology, audio and video technology to integrate the household life related facilities, schedule to build efficient residential facilities and family affairs management system, improve home security, convenience, comfort, artistry, and realize environmental protection and energy saving living environment.
smart home system into the future development trend
smart home is under the influence of the Internet content embodiment. Smart home in the home through the Internet of things technology with the equipment ( Such as audio and video equipment, lighting, curtain control, air-conditioning control, security systems, digital cinema system area, network household appliance and etc. ) Connect together, household appliances, lighting, curtain control, telephone remote control, indoor and outdoor remote control, anti-theft alarm, environmental monitoring, hvac control, infrared forward and programmable timing control and other functions and means. Compared with ordinary household, smart home not only has the traditional residential function, both architecture, network communication, information appliances, automation equipment, system, structure, service, management as one of the efficient, comfortable, safe, convenient, environmental protection living environment, to provide a full range of information interaction function. To help families keep smooth communication with external, optimize people's life style, help people to arrange time effectively, enhance the security of home life, even for a variety of energy cost savings.
this two years with the popularity of wifi, wireless intelligent home gradually take the place of cable products in the field of wireless home does not lag behind the foreign countries, but at present domestic smart home although has the potential to slow development, people's consumption and consumption ability is not sufficient. But smart home can cover almost all the traditional weak current industry, the market prospects for development, so its industry related each brand to intensify efforts to compete for smart home business, the market gradually into the spring and autumn period and the supremacy of power.
computer equipment & ndash; — Future smart home control center
just think, if the switch of air conditioning, the regulation of the rise and fall of temperature, light intensity, water heater preheating, all can through the computer, tablet or mobile phone remote control, how artifact changes will bring life, but this issue can household equipment cannot scattered exist, only through an efficient control center, will they link, truly can bring convenience to life. While computer equipment will be in this a complete set of smart home system, bear responsibility.
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