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inside tesla\'s troubled new york solar factory

by:Xingfa      2019-10-31
Tesla delayed the production of solar roof tiles due to Assembly
Production line problems at the new public subsidy plant and difficulties in producing products that meet the aesthetic needs of CEO Elon Musk, eight former and current employees of the two companies told Reuters. Repeated hold-
Since the opening of the New York factory in Buffalo last year, ups has forced Tesla to find other buyers in the joint venture Panasonic Partners to buy components it has made for sale to Tesla, a Panasonic employee said, A former employee of Panasonic and a former employee of Tesla.
These issues also give state officials confidence in Tesla\'s ability to deliver on its investment and employment commitments. RM3bil)
State subsidies.
The production challenge raises doubts about Tesla\'s cash.
The solar business is tight as it focuses on improving its better production
There have also been many delays in production of well-known electric vehicles.
Tesla bought the solar business for $2 in 2016. 6bil (RM10. 6bil)
Buying SolarCity-a sales and installation company created by two brother companies in musk-has been shrinking since then.
The \"solar roof\" produced by the New York factory was designed to look like a common roof when generating electricity, and this combination proved challenging.
Another former Tesla employee who works in Fremont, California, said: \"Aesthetic appearance is the key to Elon\'s always dissatisfied . \".
\"This is a big problem.
Musk said in a phone call with Tesla investors last week that \"hundreds\" of homes already have solar roofs, but the company clarified the estimate in a statement, says it includes systems that have been partially installed or \"scheduled to be installed.
\"In California, the leading solar market in the United States, as of May 31, 12 Tesla roof systems were connected to the grid, all of which were in Northern California, according to the records of three investors in the state --Own utility
These systems cost nearly $6 per watt (RM24)
According to the record.
This is about twice the national solar average.
Tesla began to accept $1,000 (RM4,000)
In May 2017, seven months after the prototype was launched on the solar roof, customers deposited money for it.
Tesla confirmed in a statement that it has been looking to improve the production process of solar roofs at its New York plant.
\"We are steadily increasing solar roof production in Buffalo and continue to repeat the product design and production process,\" the company said in a statement . \".
\"We plan to increase production by the end of 2018.
\"The company did not elaborate on the current production situation and did not comment on the purchase of components from partner Panasonic, which shared space in the factory, and plans to produce Tesla solar panels and photovoltaic cells for the roof.
Panasonic said in a statement that it had been selling some of its solar panels in Buffalo, rather than Tesla.
Panasonic employees and a former Tesla employee said the company has also been shipping a large number of photovoltaic cells it produces in Buffalo as samples to potential buyers due to low demand from Tesla.
Panasonic declined to comment on the delivery of battery samples to other customers, but said in a statement that it had not yet completed its sales to buyers other than Tesla and had not signed an alternative supply agreement.
\"We believe Tesla will use Panasonic batteries in mass production --
\"Solar roofs are being sold,\" the company said in a statement . \".
Some New York state lawmakers are worried that Tesla might not be able to meet the agreement.
The state provides US dollars (RM1. 4bil)
Build the factory with $274. 7mil (RM1. 1bil)
Equipment and $125. 3mil (RM510mil)
According to a document submitted by Tesla to the Securities and Exchange Commission, \"additional scope costs \".
The subsidy program requires Tesla to hire 1,460 people, including 500, in Buffalo two years after the facility is completed and costs $5 (RM20bil)
More than ten years in this state.
Imperial national development is overseeing the agreement.
Pam Leder, a spokeswoman for the company, said the company believes Tesla is currently fulfilling its obligations, adding that the company will face a $41 penalty. 2mil (RM167mil)
If it fails for a year
New York State Republican lawmaker Ray Walter, who represents an area near the factory, said he was concerned that when he visited the factory during the parade, there was only a small percentage
After investing in the dollarRM3bil)
\"Taxpayer money, we hope it can be solved,\" he said . \".
\"It doesn\'t look like walking along this road.
Tesla said in a statement that the plant currently has about 600 employees and is expected to fulfill all its commitments.
Tesla does not have a company that can provide production data for solar roofs, just saying that production is low and often interrupted.
So far, only textured black solar roofs have been produced, they say, and this is one of four varieties that Tesla is marketing.
Several sources at the factory said Musk had never visited the factory;
Tesla declined to comment. —
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