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Identify the quality of synthetic resin

by:Xingfa      2020-10-14
Synthetic resin tile surface materials for the key, the selection of surface materials directly affect the use of resin tile life, usually choose ASA color coextrusion material, most situations weatherability directly led to the using life of synthetic resin tile ( Country of chemical building materials test center the weather resistance test report is equivalent to 10000 hours of practice use fixed number of year for more than 20 years) 。 In general synthetic resin tile is good or bad depends on the proportion appearance materials and resins.

synthetic resin tile specifications usually is 0. 72 m and 0. 88 m, the thickness is 3 mm, weight is 6 kg per SQM, the standard of synthetic resin tile when the choose and buy to show the country of chemical building materials test center of the related test report ( No country of chemical building materials test center test report is not allow its sales in the market) :

1. Artificial aging test report ( Artificial ageing 10000 hours of practice to use more than 20 years) 。

2. Low temperature drop hammer impact, 0℃,1小时) Test report ( A kilogram of steel ball since the height of 1 meter fall does not produce crack on the surface of the tile, low-temperature falling ball impact 10 products without damage. After 10 freeze-thaw cycles, the product has no empty drum, foaming, stripping, the phenomenon such as crack. ) 。

3. Fire protection building material test report ( Standards for fire protection design of architectural interior A2. Plastic extinguishing performance decided that B1 level 6 or above) 。

specifications of synthetic resin tile itself has very good load resistance, the country quality surveillance station detection, building materials and components in supporting distance is 750 mm, uniformly distributed load of 150 kg conditions, without any damage. Poorly made of synthetic resin bricklayer's men will have broken construction work on a tile.

specifications of synthetic resin tile can resist acid for a long time, alkali, salt and other chemical corrosion, soaking experiment of salt, alkali and less than 60% of the various kinds of acid 24 hours without chemistry. Poorly made of synthetic resin tile surface by its pigment produces chemical reaction, and fade away.

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