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Hyundai H1 Range - Your Perfect 9 to 5 Partner

by:Xingfa      2020-06-08
Need a trustworthy business partner that will get the job exhausted time, every time? Your nearest Hyundai showroom is apt to offer a reliable, capable and affordable solution whatever your preferences or budget always be. After all, when you buy a commercial vehicle, you're investing in your company's future. And nobody understands this better than Cars. With a countrywide dealership network, comprehensive warranties and a reputation for top quality vehicles and professional service, choosing obtain a Hyundai isn't a safe choice, but a clever one at it. The Hyundai H1's rapid rise to automotive fame along with diverse customer needs has prompted the discharge of a wide selection of 2.4L petrol and a.5L diesel models including the H1 Wagon, H1 Multi-Cab and H1 Panel Van. The Hyundai H1 Wagon or Bus as it's also known as is the perfect passenger carrier, offering 9 adjustable seats, exceptional head and legroom, plus involving space for purses. Large sliding doors on either side of the vehicle let passengers join and out along with while flush-fitting side windows let them enjoy the check out. Other comfort features on the H1 Wagon include cup holders, back seat and door pockets for extra storage devices and an air con system with roof-mounted air vents for both sides to ensure optimum comfort for all occupants. It's also packed with safety features, security measures and loads of luxurious extras, since it is Hyundai H1 Wagon a top choice as a shuttle for a B&B or hotel, travel business or sightseeing tour company. The Hyundai H1 Panel Van in turn is the ideal cargo carrier. It offers a generous 4,000 litres of space to fit your goods in one go while its strong, sturdy and flexible suspension makes light of any heavy load. Not only is the H1 Panel Van practical and economical, a person can also be assured that your cargo is definite to get from A to B, 100% safe and secure. The Hyundai H1 Multicab promises the best of both the H1 Wagon and H1 Panel Van, for businesses that require space for passengers and cargo together. The versatile 6-seater offers 2,500 litres of cargo room with easy access sliding doors on sides and large swing doors at the back for easy occupant and load be able to access. Whether the Hyundai H1 Wagon, H1 Panel Van or H1 Multicab is your perfect match, you're guaranteed to choose vehicle that won't just improve productivity but also help the image of your business.
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