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Hunan 32 tons of grey resin tile have finished delivery

by:Xingfa      2020-10-19
For work now, after open star hair resin tile production workshop is very busy, accepted the epa test first, the indicators are standard after it is begin to production, to reissue the goods during the period of annual leave day and night to catch the production. But since march, orders continuously, Tibet, yibin, yunnan, guangxi, the cargo has been issued, yesterday, hunan 32 tons of grey resin tile have been issued, thanks for your support!

since star send building materials involved in the Internet, like doing production enterprises, began to seriously architecture own Internet system, at present, from various aspects, according to our transformation has paid off, start to success. In the near future, star hair will build product promotion, brand promotion, enterprise promotion of network marketing system, do a differentiated, the powerful Internet + entity enterprise, to provide customers with more convenient and fast shopping experiences.
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