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how to sweep for nails in a garden using neodymium magnets

by:Xingfa      2019-11-10
This is my first note, please be patient. Thank you.
I just removed the old ceramic roof of my house and installed the new concrete roof tiles.
As part of this process, rotten wood and many other wood must be replaced (
\"Rippa\" and \"\"caibros\")
Because I also installed the DuPont Tyvek reflective sheet cover ().
Needless to say, hundreds of old nails were removed from the roof and they spread all around the house.
There are 3 children at home and they are banned from going out before the work is done.
After that I need to make sure there are no nails in the garden, but how can I be 100% sure?
I built a simple \"nail detector\" in the garden to sweep my nails. You need: 1. a \"rodo\" (in Portuguese)
, Or a simple rake or scraper (in the USA)2. eight (8)Quarter-
Nd magnet of size (
Bought mine at www. kjmagnetics.
Com for other projects)3. tape4.
Cone or something marking the path on the steps of the garden: 1.
Connect quarter with tape-
Place the nd magnet of the size on the rake in the regular gap. that\'s it! :-)PS.
If you don\'t have a nd magnet, you can get two of them for free in the old abandoned hard drive.
This is the garden that needs to be swept away by the \"nail detector\" after spending about 1 pound.
Slowly sweeping the garden in 5 hours, the \"DingTalk detector\" found 35 DingTalk.
The children were still banned from going out before the sweeping.
Actually, to be sure, I\'m thinking of building a new \"nail detector\" using a 110 volt magnet for the door \": I just can\'t imagine having one of my kids or their friends step on these abandoned nails. Thank you!
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