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how to paint on terracotta tiles

by:Xingfa      2019-10-31
The Terracotta Warriors provide an ancient
Let the world feel your home.
Many homeowners like the look of red claybased ceramic.
However, if you are interested in cultivating a stylish and modern home aesthetic, the Terracotta Warriors are definitely not a good choice.
Fortunately, the existing clay tiles can be painted.
With a little preparation and the right tools, almost anyone can change the color of the country Terracotta Warriors to get a bold, modern look.
Clean the surface with trisodium phosphate-TSP --
Cleaning liquid and rag.
Since clay tiles are traditionally unglazed, this ceramic surface is relatively porous compared to other common home surfaces.
The porous surface is easy to absorb dirt.
Teaspoon cut built through dirt
No residue will be left that negatively reacts with fresh paint.
Protect the nearby surface with the painter\'s masking tape and plastic cloth.
Apply the masonry primer to the ceramic tile.
The Universal primer is also suitable for Terracotta Warriors, but it may take two layers instead of one.
The masonry primer is thicker and more suitable for quickly covering the surface of the porous terracotta warriors.
Wait for the primer to dry before continuing.
If the tiles have recessed grout, or if they are located in a staggered pattern, the brush allows you to embed more precisely.
For relatively flat ceramic tile surfaces, you can use mediumnap roller.
Paint terracotta warriors with latex paint.
The foam brush is ideal for drawing uneven terracotta surfaces, while the foam roller is a short piece of flat terracotta tiles.
If the terracotta tiles are outdoors, make sure the latex paint is labeled for external use.
After the first coating is dry, apply the second layer latex paint on the surface of the Terracotta Warriors.
After 24 hours of drying the paint, remove the tape from the painter.
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