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How to install the PVC roof tile? ---Step one,install the skeleton and purlins of the PVC roof tile

How to install the PVC roof tile? ---Step one,install the skeleton and purlins of the PVC roof tile


When installing PVC roof tile and Spanish roof tile, the roof skeleton must be firm and strong to avoid deformation or collapse accidents during later use.

Spanish roof tile roof frame construction has strict spacing requirements: 880mm wide tile, the purlin spacing is controlled within 660mm; 1050mm wide of the spanish roof tile, the purlin spacing is controlled within 750mm, which also takes into account the thermal expansion and contraction of the spanish roof tile. So you can’t increase the spacing distance, otherwise the spanish tile roof is prone to sinking or arching.

Spanish roof tile skeleton materials: 

square tube steel (60×40×3㎜), C-shaped steel (100×50×20×3㎜) or anti-corrosion wood square (60×40㎜) can be selected for anti-corrosion treatment to extend Service life. Spanish roof tile can also be installed on reinforced concrete roofs. For details, see: How to install synthetic resin tiles on concrete cement roofs.

Method of installing resin tile keel:

Steel along water strip -25X5, middle distance 600-660, fixed with Ф3.5 long cement nail @600 hanging tile: the position of the upper tile is 180mm from the ridge line, which is convenient to install the ridge tile; the position of the lower tile is away from the eaves 50-70mm, the water strip and the hanging strip should be treated with rust prevention. It should be noted that different purlins need to be matched with different screws, such as self-tapping screws or stainless steel angle nails for steel purlins, and self-tapping screws for wooden purlins.

Steps to install the purlin:

①Leveling: Check and level the support points of the purlins before installation, review the flatness of the purlins one by one, and control the height difference between the installed purlins within ±5mm.

② Spring line: The support point of the purlin should be fixed according to the design requirements of the support point. For this reason, the support point should be drawn with a line, after the purlin is installed and positioned, and accepted according to the purlin layout drawing.

③Fixed: Welding or bolting according to the design requirements, adjust the position again before fixing, the deviation is ≤±5mm.

④ Acceptance: After the purlin is installed, the technical person in charge of the project will notify the quality personnel or the supervising engineer to accept the purlin, confirm it is qualified and transfer to the next process.

The installation of the spanish roof tile skeleton is a crucial step in the process of building the house. It is related to the safety of the house structure, so slack should not be ignored, and the standards and installation steps must be strictly followed.

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