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how to install resin tile

how to install resin tile

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Because of th  advantages of light weight, convenient transportation and installation, resin tile has become a hot-selling product in the roof tile industry. Resin tiles are fixed and installed with self-tapping screws. Some customers have reported that they often encounter self-tapping screws breaking during the installation of resin tiles. What is going on? Today I will answer for you:

1. The selected tapping screws are of poor material: some customers often choose some self-tapping screws with high hardness and easy to drill when installing resin tiles. However, this type of self-tapping screws has a disadvantage that the carbon content is relatively high. Drilling is easy, but it lacks toughness. In the event of wind, the resin tile has strong resistance to tearing and deformation. This will make the resin tile not damaged, but the self-tapping screw will be torn off, so don’t be greedy for cheap If you buy low-quality resin tiles, do not buy self-tapping screws with high carbon content to save trouble.

2. The quality of self-tapping screws is unqualified: Now, the self-tapping screws produced by many small factories on the market are non-standard. The diameter of self-tapping screws is very small, and the zinc content on the outside is very small. This kind of self-tapping screws may be After tapping into the resin tile, the screw is quickly worn off or broken, and the exposed parts are also prone to rust. Over time, the self-tapping screw will corrode and break.

3. The method of installing and nailing the resin tile is wrong: the expansion coefficient of the resin tile and the self-tapping screw are different, and the resin tile may generate a lot of tension when it expands and shrinks. If the nail is too tight, the self-tapping screw will easily break Or the tiles crack.

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1. When selecting materials, pay attention to whether the self-tapping screws meet the national standard. If you understand the amount of galvanization, you will know the corrosion resistance. Good corrosion resistance means a long service life, and the carbon content of the material should be reasonable. If the carbon is too high, it will b   brittle and easily broken, and if it is too low, the resin tile will not enter.

2. When installing the resin tile, you must pay attention to expand the hole on the resin tile first, reserve the space for thermal expansion and contraction of the tile, and use a drill with a diameter of 8mm for pre-drilling a 6.3mm diameter self-tapping screw.

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The above is about the reasons and solutions for the breakage of self-tapping screws when installing resin tiles. Regular resin tile manufacturers not only guarantee the product quality, but also provide complete matching and professional fixing parts. Installing resin tiles is as important as purchasing resin tiles. If you do not grasp every step in the installation process, no matter how good the resin tiles are, there will be no use.

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