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How to distinguish the quality of PVC roof sheet?

How to distinguish the quality of PVC roof sheet?


PVC roof shee is a good choice,whether it is a factory building, carport, vegetable market, passage, etc.,But the right variety material does not mean good product. How do you distinguish the quality of the PVC roof sheet? 

It can be identified by the following three aspects:

1.Look at the finish of the roof sheet surface. the good pvc roof surface is very smooth and shiny,without bumps,spots,black spots, impurties. The shape is sharp andd the thickness is uniform. On the contrary, it is inferior PVC roof sheet. 

2,Weigh the weight and listen to the sound. Good PVC pvc roof sheet is lighter in weight, and the sound of roof sheet is dull when they are tapped; inferior PVC roof sheet is heavier and the sound is crisp when they are tapped.

3,Smelling. Ignite the corners of PVC roof sheet with fire. Good PVC roof sheet will automatically extinguish when they leave the fire source. Inferior PVC roof sheet will not extinguish immediately after leaving the fire source, and they are accompanied by an irritating smell. The reason : in order to make the roofing have flexibility, a plasticizer is added to the fake and poor PVC roof sheet with a large amount of heavy calcium carbonate, and this additive has a combustion supporting effect, so that the product does meet the fire protection requirements and has poor weather resistance. 

These three simple methods can teach you to quickly distinguish the quality of PVC roof sheet.

T1130--UPVC Roof Sheet 

Length: can be customized (11.8 meter is the max for the 40'container, 5.8 meter is the max for 20'container)

Width: 1130 mm

Effective width: 1050 mm

Thickness: 1.5mm/ 2.0mm/ 2.5mm/ 3.0mm

MOQ: 1000 Square meter

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