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How the wall tile drainage, on both sides of the wall tile secret department convex groove daughter

by:Xingfa      2020-10-13
Under the wall tile is a wall. The surface of the tile body on a wall WaJi. Tile on the body surface by WaJi leaning to bricky system from top to bottom on both sides. Its characteristics is set in the on the surface of the brick have WaJi extends to the resin wall on either side of the brick at least a concave-convex structure.

the fence wall tile of the utility model has light weight, high strength, flexible structure, convenient installation and maintenance, lower the manufacturing cost, save the cost, can be reused for many times, use for a long time will not produce harmful effect on the metope of advantages. In order to avoid long-term under high pressure and lead to the wall collapsed, the wall collapsed. The wall is more durable. Products at the same time, the utility model can also be used as building WaJi tile roof of the wall.

rural yard fence is completed, should be on the top of the wall paste resin wall tile. Is for the sake of aesthetics, on the other hand, was to prevent the rain damage to the wall. After completion of the main building of walls, therefore, need to made arch at the top with cement mortar, then put the two pieces of flat bricks overlapping on the arch of cement mortar. The lower end of the two pieces of flat brick respectively extend to both sides of the wall. Defect is two pieces of flat bricks overlapping on the arch of cement mortar.

1. Construction process is complicated, long, construction cost is higher.

2. Due to the wind and the sun, the overlap of two pieces of flat brick is easy to loose. Once loose, it will leak, causing the damage of metope.

the new resin wall tile aim of providing a backbone for the wall tile. Wall tile can be directly laid as the daughter of the wall in the yard. Simple construction, low cost, beautiful appearance. The utility model adopts the following technical solution to solve the technical problems: wall ridge tile consists of a flat bottom and the overall shape of arch. Flat on both sides along the direction of the length of the ridge tile set flush device, to prevent the reverse water back to the flat.

the structure characteristics of the wall tile is water retaining device is set up in flat on both sides of the groove, groove along the length direction of the roof of bricky system Settings. Water retaining device is set on both sides of flat rectangular convex sets, convex set along the length direction of the ridge tile body. From the point of the cross section of the resin wall tile, dome surface curvature decreased gradually from the middle to the sides. Compared with the existing technology, wall tile beneficial effect is embodied in the courtyard wall tile forming the overall structure, can be directly with cement mortar bond at the top of the wall in the courtyard, not only simplified the construction process, but also greatly improve the construction efficiency. Process and reduce the construction cost, also make the modelling of walls more unique, beautiful, have the antique effect.
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