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How much is a piece of glass tiles? How many yuan a piece of glazed tile price?

by:Xingfa      2020-10-18
Glazed tile into the antique glazed tile, European chain, Spanish Havana, kinds, different prices, made in the north of archaize glazed tile, such as tiananmen square is the roof.

specifications as shown in figure style much more special, the price is different also, general ex-factory price in 80 yuan to 100 yuan per square meter or so, the hope can help you.

the imperfection of the problem, is not the same as the price of each region, and the colour and the sintering temperature are likely to affect the price of glazed tile, we nine yuan hexiang glazed tile between 2 a $4 a piece. Also indicated that a situation, there are many kinds of glazed tile, western-style, European, and we are Chinese, the price will be different, so that to distinguish.

depending on the type of product price is different also, on average over here is the 2 in our company. Around 5 remote customizable wear-resisting non-friable, and adopts never fade glaze is very beautiful

glazed tile is made of high quality mineral raw material, after screening, high pressure forming, the high temperature burn becomes. Glazed tile has high strength, good flatness, bibulous rate is low, bending, frost resistance, acid and alkali resistance, never fade, never weathering etc. How much the price of all have, have 3 - Five bucks a piece, there are more than a dozen blocks, expensive also has dozens of pieces.
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