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How much does a new flat roof cost UK?

How much does a new flat roof cost UK?


Where there is the market, there will be competition, not to mention that synthetic resin roofing. In UK  ,How much does a new flat roof cost UK?This is a hot market that has been on the rise for several years, any smart person who wants to make more money from that. In the synthetic resin roofing market, there are chaotic phenomena such as poor quality and low-quality products to replace the high-quality product. Many people are willing to believe that true after they have suffered a loss. Several important factors that determine the price of synthetic resin roofing, do you dare to blindly pursue low prices?

How much does a new flat roof cost UK?

First, In UK,the flat roof cost of raw materials

As the old saying goes, wool comes from the sheep. The main component of resin roofing is PVC, the price of raw materials is about 10,000 yuan per ton, and the price of filler (stone powder, calcium powder) is only a few hundred yuan per ton. In order to make huge profits, many merchants in order to seize the market at a low price, reduce the proportion of PVC, and then use other inferior fillers and recycled materials. The resin roofing produced by such ingredients is fragile and deformable.

In order to ensure the quality of products, Foshan XINGFA Tile Industry has been rigorous and stringent in the procurement of raw materials, and it has avoided the use of recycled waste! Good raw materials are the primary conditions for ensuring the quality of roofing and user rights. The suppliers who cooperate with XINGFA are all well-known manufacturers, such as Inner Mongolia Yihua, Inner Mongolia Junzheng, Rike Chemical, DuPont Chemical, etc.

How much does a new flat roof cost UK?

Second, In UK,service quality

Nowadays, the competition in all industries of life is becoming fiercer and fierce. In addition to the price and quality of products, consumers pay more attention to the service quality . In fact, there is no conflict between service quality and product quality, but manufacturers with good service quality, product quality will not be worse. On the contrary, merchants whose product quality is not guaranteed will give people obvious "excessive pre-sale service enthusiasm. "When payment received, the following service attitude plummeted, not to mention any after-sales service or after-sales guarantee.

Foshan XINGFA Tile Industry, a professional sales team of 30 people, one-to-one service throughout the process, quick response. Professional pre-sales service, free design of engineering drawings, budget plan issued within 1 day; rigorous in-sale service, triple quality inspection, triple check, to ensure product quality and quantity, and its own logistics team, logistics monitoring in place; intimate after-sale Service, can provide installation video or on-site installation guidance, 25-year warranty, can provide quality assurance

How much does a new flat roof cost UK?

Third,In UK, product value

Stable product performance and quality determine the value of the brand and reputation. Buy low-quality resin tile products at low prices, then it is worthless. High-quality synthetic resin tiles are green and environmentally friendly products, and can be recycled after use. But inferior resin tiles will only become non-recyclable waste!

Foshan Rufu Tile Industry, after 15 years of precipitation, focuses on the development, production and sales of new environmentally friendly roofing materials. The company has an experienced R & D team, 30,000 square meters of giant workshops, 13,000 square meters of massive inventory, advanced equipment and technology, 10 production lines 24 hours a day, uninterrupted operation, short delivery time.

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