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How many screws does one square Spanish-1050 ASA Resin roof sheet fit?

How many screws does one square Spanish-1050 ASA Resin roof sheet fit?


The use of ASA Resin Roof sheet makes the construction time shorter, the safety performance of the house is higher, the ornamental value is more, and the service life of the ASA roof sheet and the house is longer. Compared with the hidden safety hazards of traditional roofing material that are easy to break and fall off, the ASA Resin roof sheet use self-tapping nails to fix the tiles, which is safe and firm and does not fall off, especially in areas with frequent earthquakes and frequent winds and heavy rains. One of the reasons why users  choose ASA resin roof sheet.

Regarding the issue of screw density, if the local natural environment is not very good (for example, there are earthquakes, strong winds, heavy rains and other weather), we recommend 6 screws per square meter. Generally, 4 screws are enough. If the tiles are overlapped, we generally need to use reinforcement screws at the overlapped joints. Some installers like to use some screws with higher hardness and easy to drill. In fact, most of these screws have higher carbon content and are easy to drill, but they lack toughness and are windy or when the ASA Resin roof sheet expands. It is easy to break as soon as the force is applied. When installing the ASA resin roof sheet, you must pay attention to it. The hole must be drilled on the tile first. The hole diameter should be 2 mm larger than the diameter of the screw. Add soft waterproof rubber pads in between. This can prevent roof leaks and extend the service life of roofing sheet and screws.


Remember that standard installation is an important part of ensuring the quality of ASA Resin roof sheet. The ASA Resin Roof sheet from XINGFA with a 25-year warranty. Installation videos or  installation instructions can be provided.

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