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How many knots are 10 meters of ASA Synthetic resin roof tile?

How many knots are 10 meters of ASA Synthetic resin roof tile?


XINGFA ASA Synthetic Resin Roof Sheet is mainly Spanish1050. The width is generally fixed. When lapped, a wave is overlapped. The length is customized according to the pitch. The length of a section is 0.219 meters. If you want to make a ten-meter-long tile, use 10/0.219=45.66 knots, and use the method of adding but not subtracting to keep the integer, that is, 46 knots. This is the number of knots required for a ten-meter resin tile. For longitudinal overlap, the total roof width divided by the effective width of the resin tile can get the number of pieces required for the horizontal overlap.


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Regarding ASA Synthetic resin roof tile quantity and price, as long as you provide us with roof drawings, we will provide you with a reasonable purchase plan within 24 hours, and we can also customize products.

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