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how kenyan siblings beat elon musk to market with solar tiles

by:Xingfa      2019-10-24
While most people may think that solar tiles were created by Elon Musk, he has encountered some fierce competition on his home continent, a Kenyan brother --and-
Prior to him, the sister team was producing their products.
Charity Wanjiku is the chief operating officer of Strauss Energy, a Kenyan company she works
Since 2013, she has created solar tiles with her brother Tony Nyaga.
This idea was \"born\" at the end of the 16-90 year in Kenya.
Hourly power outage
Musk announced his solar tile in October 2016.
\"As a [we tried it first]Masters]
\"The school project and its work is like a charm,\" she told me . \".
\"We ask ourselves how we can meet the supply needs of basic household utilities like electricity and still get income.
\"We are all technicians.
He\'s an engineer. I\'m an architect.
The question itself is raised: How do we build up our expertise to introduce a rapid catalyst to the electricity/electricity problem in our country?
\"They ask themselves how to meet the supply needs of basic household utilities like electricity and still get income.
\"What happens if we integrate solar cells into roof tiles?
Is it a noble idea to see that everyone needs a roof? \" Wanjiku (38)and Nyagah (41)mused.
Wanjiku\'s vision is \"to eliminate extreme energy poverty by converting free access to clean energy into passive income\", and her mission is to integrate energy
Generating technology into basic building materials like tiles will allow \"ordinary citizens to participate and get a good return \". There are 620-
Millions of people in Africa are not connected to the grid, said Amar innamdal of Nairobi.
$100 business based on KawiSafi
Millions of funds invested in solar energy.
Connecting each home to the grid will cost $1,500.
It will take about nine years.
\"They are unreliable when Connected Drive arrives and don\'t have enough robustness.
\"There was a revolution in the villages or towns around us,\" Inamdar told me . \".
\"This is the echo of the mobile phone revolution, but also wireless.
It\'s solar now.
Something amazing happened.
\"The goal of Strauss energy is to be a part of this revolution,\" said Wan jiku.
\"Our goal is to address the problems of power shortages, power outages and billing fluctuations and to contribute to the 15,000 MW of electricity needed in Kenya by 2030.
\"Kenya\'s current grid capacity is 2,400 MW.
\"Distribution is still more urban and suburban.
Rural and dry areasmarginalized)
The regional power grid penetration rate is not universal, which creates an excellent opportunity for our company.
Since then, we have started to build mini.
The grid in Turkana starts.
This provides all Kenyans with the opportunity to gain power and improve their living standards.
\"When they first started their product, they had doubts, but they quickly overcame them.
\"Like every new product, especially in the construction industry, we have encountered some
Doubt the efficiency and cost-saving eyes of our integrated solutions, and the same enthusiasm of those interested in sustainable buildings and energy.
In particular, the positive recognition of our solutions by government officials and interested investors makes us sure that we are doing the right thing.
So we move on, keep it. sayers at bay.
\"Depending on the size and capacity, the price of the Strauss Steina tile ranges from $20 to $150, from 8 w to 150 W.
\"We have sold $100,000 in the two years we entered the market.
Our plan is to install at least 25,000 units per year for real estate development, schools and factories.
\"The company has diversified into mini.
Innovation in power grids, solar hot water systems and compressed air energy storage solutions.
Since Kenya introduced a law a year ago to force solar hot water installations, it has added momentum to their business.
\"Needless to say, we are lobbying the government to go online --
Measurement becomes a reality in Kenya.
She absolutely believes that their products can go global.
\"Every head needs a roof.
If at the same price as a traditional roof, customers can get our premium roof tiles, reduce the expected bill by 25% for more reliable power, permanent passive income and aesthetic appearance on the roof, no pain of fixing solar panels.
We have a winner, a global winner!
When asked if Tesla roof tiles confirmed her product, she told me: \"It seems to me that the opposite is true.
Strauss-Stanna tiles have existed three years before Tesla\'s launch.
Innovation giants like Tesla have products like Strauss Energy, which makes us an African innovation company.
Our goal is to seek synergy with the world.
Famous giants, especially in Africa, have at least 10 months of sunshine shining on us every year.
\"In 2016, as part of global technological innovation, Wanjiku was included at the Global Startup Summit held by former President Barack Obama at Stanford University (GIST)
Network, supported by the state Department of the United States.
\"This is the second time that I have marketed the Strauss Steina tiles to a global audience and won the People\'s Choice Award.
This is exciting and frightening to the same extent.
Now that we do the right thing, it\'s a real validation.
Meeting with global innovation leaders and getting feedback from them on how to grow our business to global markets is the most valuable gain --
Stay away from the entire Silicon Valley experience.
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