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Hot summer, insulating synthetic resin tile send to your home 'cool'

by:Xingfa      2020-10-18
The hot summer season, for living flat-roofed building owners, that is painful, wall was very hot, indoor heat. At that time, many people choose to build a shed at the top of the home or affixed with a layer of tile roof, it can greatly reduce the sunlight caused by high temperature. Insulating synthetic resin tile to become the best choice for many owners, synthetic resin tile better heat insulation performance than ordinary tile, waterproof impermeability characteristic is very outstanding, also can be in the hot summer, to bring you home to cool and refreshing.

dayi Mr Xu's house is a building 2 floors of flat-roofed building, this year's summer is hot, he says. So I work overtime again on their roof covered a layer of roof, this not only increased the housing space, indoor can also cool, conducting comparison, he finally chose us star hair building materials of the insulating synthetic resin tile.

the main reason of choosing this tile is heat insulation performance is good, strong ability to resist storms, and not easy to be broken, hail also don't be afraid, not easy leaking water seepage, level is high also, cover the beautiful atmosphere, after living also has a face. Mr. Xu said.

the above pictures are for Mr Xu home is sealed insulating synthetic resin tile roof, Mr Xu very pleased with this tile, so also didn't cover is in a hurry to share photos to us. Here, star hair building materials also thank you very much Mr Xu's recognition and trust, best wishes for a successful project completion, the whole family happiness!
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