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home economics: sinead ryan answers your property questions

by:Xingfa      2019-11-04
I am building a small workshop next to my house to run a business.
My architect recommended a flat roof structure for cost reasons, but a colleague told me that they were not able to get insurance for their building and now I was wondering if I would.
You have two problems here, so let me deal with the technical problems first.
Michael Gaynard of ArdCo construction suggested: \"The design and materials for flat roofs have changed dramatically, and standard felt is the only guaranteed option before.
But today there are a variety of colors, designs and membranes that create a lightweight finish as low as 3mm compared to the previous 20mm.
\"While flat roof finishes are becoming more and more popular in the rear extension section, it is difficult to obtain insurance in households that exceed the 65 pc flat roof coverage, unless the building is attached to the main property.
Another option would be to use any modern film finish to create a slightly sloping roof or lift it to a high enough height so it can have a slate that matches the main roof top finish
\"I also asked dildrey McCarthy of the insurance company.
Her advice.
\"Although some insurance companies will only quote a certain percentage of flat roofs, such as 25 PCs with a total roof area, we have been able to get a quote on many 100 flat houses
There is a roof, which some people think is not standard.
The most common material to use is wood, but recently there is a new material called Trocal that guarantees 12-
20 years from the manufacturer.
\"However, it\'s the size of the apartment --
Rather than materials that insurance companies are more interested in.
With flat roofs, insurance companies usually recognize the policy that flat areas must be redecorated
Roof is built every 10 years, otherwise storm cover is not included.
\"It is also important to note that if you plan to run a business from home, then you must inform your insurance company.
The owner does not always cover the commercial use of the property-
Property policy \".
I\'m going to get a 450 euro raise in May 1, which is extra money for me and I was wondering if it would be best to pay a mortgage.
I have 260,000 euros in KBC and 19 years left.
Before I get used to having extra cash, can I save my money better, and I\'m eager to make a decision.
It\'s always tempting to pay off your mortgage when you have extra cash, but it\'s usually an emotional --
Leading decision-making, not financial decision-making, and
A low interest rate environment like ours doesn\'t necessarily save you a lot of money unless you have the ability to pay it back, say, a lot of money
Eoin McGee of prosperous financial planning explained math: \"Let\'s assume that you are pre-tax for 450 euros a month and that your tax rate, including USC and PRSI, is 50 pc, your raise will give you an extra € 225 a month. home pay.
\"Paying off the mortgage is actually 19-year period (
Or the remaining period of the mortgage).
\"This time frame opens the possibility of investing in oil wells --
But a diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds.
The rewards for these things are up and down, but for a while, just like you\'re talking (10+ years)
You should be rewarded if you stick to it. A middle-of-the-
The highway portfolio is about 4 pcs per year on average after the charge but before tax.
\"When the savings fund reaches the value of the outstanding mortgage, you can decide whether to pay off the mortgage or not, which I estimate will be about 16 years.
You will clean it up earlier.
At the same time, no matter what life brings you, you can always get your savings.
\"A better idea is to invest money in your pension and have the potential to use taxes --
You have free cash on your pension to pay off your mortgage.
\"Due to tax relief, the total amount of 450 euros is converted into a pension of 405 euros, and tax exemption increases.
This will add about 137,972 euros to your pension at 4 pc pa.
\"While you won\'t be able to get the money before you retire, you won\'t be able to get it if you invest in a mortgage.
\"There is evidence that the price increase in new House buildings is encouraging.
The new total is 8,400
Houses built for sale during 2017 (
Prices rise accordingly)
According to real estate agent Shirley fitzard, this is an increase of 47 PCs over the previous year.
But in fact, most of the new buildings are half
Independent and Independent family home means it\'s a trader
Uppers and those who helpto-
The purchase plan of the main market promoters.
While there is a valid argument that moving up and sideways will leave a smaller or rented property, the reality is that at the low end of the market, the local government\'s push to build a one-bed and two-bed apartment would not work.
People don\'t want them, and architects can\'t make them affordable.
But about half of all those seeking social or affordable housing are single people, but we can\'t seem to encourage the construction of housing for them.
Before this change, the market was changing despite the government\'s supply policy, not because of the government\'s supply policy.
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