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home clinic; slate roof repair requires caution

by:Xingfa      2019-11-03
2, 1998A roof with slabs can last for many years without much maintenance, however, occasionally, individual tiles may deteriorate with age or they may be on a nearby tree
Tiles also loosen and fall off when hit by strong winds.
Tiles that are not exposed to the sun may grow moss.
Repair and Replacement of slate
The roof tile is not difficult, but because the slate is slippery and the slate roof is often steep, it can be dangerous.
Walking on a slate roof can also damage existing good tiles.
For these reasons, it is better to leave the overhaul to the professional and limit the repair work to those that can be done from the extension ladder near the edge of the roof.
Choose a gentle day to do the work.
Of course, you have to erect an extended ladder in order to get to the roof.
It is important to observe some basic safety precautions at work.
The distance between the wall and the bottom of the ladder should be at least 1-
Ladder working height quarter.
Raise the ladder to make the top about 3 feet higher than the edge of the roof.
When climbing the ladder, face the ladder and grab the horizontal bar with two hands.
Don\'t try to get tools or supplies in your hands when you climb.
Instead, put on the work belt and clip the tool on it.
Put your supplies in the bucket and tie them to the handle with a long rope.
Once you are in place on the ladder, you can pull up your supplies.
Advertising moss growth on tiles can be eliminated with common weed killers.
Spray herbicide and hard agent with garden sprayer
Brush off the Moss with a brush.
Whenever you find damaged tiles, you have to remove them first before you can insert a replacement.
If the nails rust, you can slide the broken tiles out without too much trouble.
Or you have to cut your nails.
For this, you need a tool called the Slater Ripper (
Also known as muwa norter).
Slater\'s Ripper is a flat metal stick with two sharp hooks at one end and a handle at the other.
Slide the Ripper under the damaged tile and move left and right until one of the hooks catches the nail.
Pull your hands down and cut your nails.
If you need more power to cut your nails, tap the handle with a hammer.
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You can also cut your nails using a hacksaw blade.
Wrap one end of the blade with heavy objectsduty tape --
This will be used as a handle--
Slide the other end under the tile.
When you touch the nail, move the blade up and down to cut it.
Remember, there are two nails for each tile.
Bring a broken tile when you buy a replacement.
You can use it to find a match with similar color and thickness, but you may not be able to find tiles with the same length and width.
In this case, you have to cut one into small size.
You can rent a slate knife.
You can also adjust the size of the tile using the bricklayer\'s spatula.
Place the tiles on a flat work table, and the number of removal is highlighted outside the edge of the table.
Cross out the protruding piece with the edge of the spatula.
Another way to cut the tiles is to use a set of nails.
Use it to make a series of small holes along the engraved cutting line.
You can then break the tiles along the perforated line by pressing the tiles on the edge of the table.
The traditional way to fix the replacement tiles in place is to use a thin metal strip (
Preferably copper or zinc).
1 inch wide, about 8 inch long.
Place the metal strip in the position where the new tile is placed.
Protect it by nailing a nail on the roof.
Nails must enter the gap between the slabs already on the roof.
Slide the new tiles in place.
The end of the metal strip will highlight its bottom edge.
Bend the strap up to form a hook and fix the tiles in place.
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A version of this article was printed on page WC14 of the National edition on August 2, 1998, with the title: home clinic;
Caution is required for slate roof restoration.
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