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here\'s how much tesla\'s new solar roof could cost

by:Xingfa      2019-10-27
Can you really install a solar roof in your home? or even less—
Better than a normal roof?
That\'s what Tesla CEO Elon Musk (Elon Musk) announced last Friday, and he plans to make solar roof tiles that \"look better than a normal roof, have longer power generation, and have better insulation,\" In fact, the installation cost is lower than the normal roof, plus the electricity bill.
\"Tesla\'s solar roof tiles will be made of glass on a photovoltaic substrate.
Unlike after-sales solar panels, they represent traditional roofing materials that look like real things from the ground.
This is an important distinction that directly targets one of the barriers to widespread adoption of solar energy: the aesthetic problems of those black silicon panels.
Tesla has introduced four styles: smooth glass brick, textured glass brick, Tuscan Glass brick and slate glass brick.
\"People like the idea of saving energy, but solar panels can be a thorn in the eye,\" said giowani ni Bozzolo, a partner with a roof-free roof in Seattle, Washington.
\"Being able to combine energy conservation with aesthetics will be a big deal for the industry.
But pricing must be correct.
Musk did not provide specific information on the price of ceramic tiles. a company spokesman told the consumer report that when we followed in, \"We have not announced the details of the price \".
This leads to the question: what price does Tesla solar roofs have to pay to become an electric-free roof
The brainer proposition described by Musk?
We have run some data and determined that the installation cost of a textured glass tile solar roof is no more than $73,500, competing with the asphalt roof.
How did we get there through MathTo, we collected the approximate price of various roof materials simulated by Tesla solar tile from slate roof Contractors Association, tile roof Institute and other sources, compared to the cost of reshaping 2016Value Report.
Of course, there are many variables, including the location of the House, the shape and height of the roof. (
We did not consider solar rebates and incentives. )
But here is the cost of the installation, and about 3,000 square feet of roof need to cover the average size of the house in the United StatesS.
Clay tiles: $16,000 asphalt: $20,000 slate: $73,500 how can a $ roof be considered a cost-
Competing with a $20,000 asphalt roof?
To compensate for the proposed added value of \"free\" power on Tesla\'s roof, we added $2,000 a year during the roof life period.
In states with a lot of solar power, like California, Texas, and North Carolina, this is a typical electricity bill.
Tesla said the expected life of the tile is 30 years.
As a result, the value of the roof has increased by $60,000. (
Our rough estimate is to assume that the solar roof homes we assume generate exactly the same amount of electricity that they use. )
Last factor: the Tesla Solar Roof will work like any roof solar system, connected to the electric panel of your home via an inverter.
You can stop there, but the system is packing with Tesla\'s upcoming Powerwall 2.
0, built-in battery storage device
The installation cost is $6,500.
Combine solar roof and Powerwall 2.
Musk promised to power the entire family with 100% renewable energy.
In our roof calculation, the easy way to take the cost of the power wall into account is to subtract it from the power value during the life of the roof.
As a result, the electricity bill worth $60,000 turned into $53,500. (
Although we should pay attention to the warranty for Powerwall 2.
0 is 10 years, so in the life cycle of muwa, it is likely that you will need to replace it more than once).
So put all this together and here\'s how Tesla needs to price its tiles to meet Musk\'s requirements. Tuscan Tile (
Equivalent of Tesla\'s clay tiles)
Need less than $69,500 after installation (
About $2,300 per 100 square feet)
Defeat traditional opponents;
Smooth textured tiles (
Tesla is equivalent to asphalt tile)
Need less than $73,500 after installation (
About $2,450 per 100 square feet);
Less than $98,500 for slate tiles (
About $3,300 per 100 square feet).
Bottom line: of course, spending between $70,000 and $100,000 on the roof is a big expense.
If the final price of Tesla\'s roof tiles is so high, it will be because consumers will basically
According to Musk\'s formula, the term \"electricity costs are advanced \".
Even if the cost of solar roof products is lower than our estimate, it will definitely target the luxury market in the first place.
From a pricing point of view, natural slate is probably the easiest option for Tesla to beat because its cost is mainly due to the material being very heavy and difficult to use.
This could be a cost if the Tesla tablet is lightweight and easy to install-
Effective choice
But if that\'s the case, it\'s big.
\"Roofing workers are not electricians and vice versa, so what I am most interested in is to see how labor costs affect the final price of consumers,\" said Vikram Aggarwal, CEO of EnergySage, an online marketplace for solar installers.
Tesla has no news of whether it will restore the solar roof like some installerswith a 100-year warranty.
Or stick to a more typical 25-year warranty.
Musk concluded his statement at Universal Studios Los Angeles and asked, \"So, why are you buying something else?
\"Obviously, the question is rhetorical, but the answer has a lot to do with the price.
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