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Henan resin tile manufacturers _ the analysis of the construction of a conservation-oriented society

by:Xingfa      2020-10-13
Takeaway: the construction of economical society and realize sustainable development, it is the request of our country and around the world. Build a conservation-minded society, to the social production, construction, circulation, consumption of various fields, in all aspects of economic and social development, effective protection and rational utilization of resources, improve the utilization efficiency of resources. So, synthetic resin tile will play what role in the construction of a conservation-oriented society, henan resin tile manufacturers of small make up to you to make a simple introduction.

according to statistics released by the National Bureau of Statistics, China's real estate development investment of nearly 2 trillion yuan in 2004, and in the next few years with no less than 20% annual growth rate increasing at a high speed. The rapid development of real estate investment consumption brings to the building materials industry of huge space for development. According to statistics, in 2004 only new permanent housing for all kinds of waterproof roof material reached 12 million square meters.

the current construction industry has launched a new project & ndash; — Synthetic resin tile ping change slope. , according to the Shanghai residential development board is published online in Shanghai since 1999 began to synthetic resin tile ping change slope engineering, roof area of more than 200 square meters a year. At the same time, nanjing, hangzhou, wuhan, Beijing and other cities of the synthetic resin tile ping change slope project is started, but also within the next few years the full-scale level city, county-level cities and small towns all over the country, and synthetic resin tile ping change slope engineering will provide water roof light decoration materials with a huge market space.

in synthetic resin tile ping change slope engineering emerged a large number of excellent scheme, the common characteristics of these solutions is that not the pursuit of novel modelling and bright beautiful colour, but as much as possible on the premise of meet the engineering and the surrounding environment. Synthetic resin tile ping change slope engineering materials, glass fiber with asphalt, asphalt, linoleum watts thermosetting watts, synthetic resin and other materials, the material has good sealing and heat preservation and heat insulation effect, after transforming residents plagues leak problem can be solved.
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