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Hebei resin tile traditional old tradition

by:Xingfa      2020-10-14
Resin as a new kind of new environmental protection material, the state encourages promotion, not only the beautiful beautiful colour is also loved by the masses of users.

whether aross, or the blue brick flies in the park, the traditional roof to give us a kind of of primitive simplicity, simple but elegant, tranquil beauty. A lot of friends and s grew up under the roof and ground, is also looking at the tile gradually disappeared in the historical transformation. Resin, however, the emergence of Chinese style tile or makes possible the continuation of the rows of the tile.

the tile big advantage have anticorrosive, ventilation, lighting, drainage fluid, and other functions, tile shop is on the slope surface, is beneficial to air circulation, make the whole house warm in winter and cool in summer.

the roof the roof, you can also use the treasure gourd, ssangyong rob beads and other accessories for decoration, vivid, beautiful and easy form and rich in implication, reveals the unique traditional culture of China.

keep roof, continuation of the tile is resin tile mission!

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