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Hebei resin tile to renew the essence of the Chinese old culture

by:Xingfa      2020-10-13
Roof, a history of several thousand years in China, with the condensing the essence of the Chinese old culture. Appearance of simplicity, reveal the Chinese humility character, blowing smoke curled up, cheng fang is our peace of mind of the soul. But the tile is easy leaking, need to pick up all the year round tile overhaul often haunt you. Resin tile, completely solve the problem of roof leakage, makes possible the continuation of traditional roof.

resin tile simple natural appearance, in addition to make up for the traditional tile material deficiency, also has several outstanding features:

1. The remarkable ability to resist load: in low temperature area, even if the roof snow, as long as the purlin can withstand the pressure, tile surface is not damage or fracture phenomenon.

2. Good sound insulation effect: Chinese style tile resin with functions of sound-absorbing insulation, applauded the rain won't produce sound of raindrops.

3. Anticorrosion performance: surface is resistant to ASA engineering resin, can resist acid, alkali, salt and other long-term chemical corrosion.

4. Stability: volume expansion coefficient of 4. 93 x 10-5 / ℃, combined with the watts model with two-way tensile properties in geometry, even the temperature change is very big, the scale of can be their own digestion, ensure the geometric size of the same.

5. Strong fire resistance: testing by the national fire department fire performance achieve B1 level.

6. Lightness: the weight of 6. 0 kg/m2, effectively reduce the load of the building and improves security, very suitable for old building reconstruction. Easy to handle and construction at the same time, save freight cost, reduce the construction cost.

7. Convenient installation: the single area is large, the shop is of high efficiency, simple process, complete accessories, installation fast and save work time.

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