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Hebei resin tile powerful quality first

by:Xingfa      2020-10-14
Resin tile function is given priority to, the principle of the supremacy of quality, have been silent, with the development of resin tile manufacturer has created countless ancient towns and villages, made outstanding contributions to the local tourism industry, gives courtyard different era characteristics, build a batch of high-quality goods yard.

garden will use synthetic resin roof tile, window using model steel window, LED lights installed on corridor. Although these measures would increase the cost of the courtyard to improve, but in the long run, good for you.

resin tile construction content for the multilayer flat roof of a building to the slope is not more than 32 degrees hipped roof, as well as exterior wall paint, paint over with wood oil, doors and Windows, water pipe, seismic strengthening, etc. , does not increase the building size, does not increase the cornice height of the original building.

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