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Hebei resin tile for glamour

by:Xingfa      2020-10-13
- , much attention has been paid to resin tile in leak proof, heat preservation and heat insulation, also can improve the rural landscape, prolong the service life of buildings and effectively solves the problem of roof leakage. Residential living standards improve, a lot of engineering before the reform, housing pilot project of roof leakage rate is quite high, the top part of the housing residents house is leaking. After modification, the leakage is basically eliminated, and after several years of typhoon storm has withstood the test of live performance of the building are increased obviously. Transformation, pay attention to the use of new technologies, new materials, especially roofing using new lightweight materials ( Synthetic resin tile) , reduce housing bearing capacity, greatly improving the roof insulation, heat insulation performance. According to residents, adopted resin compared with before modification, and indoor temperature in summer by 4 degrees Celsius, nor too cold in winter, living comfort changes greatly.

synthetic resin tile with arbitrary weather resistance, rich color, color stability does not fade, aesthetically pleasing stereo sense is strong, the quality of light waterproof performance is good, since the clean green environmental protection, insulation wind resistance corrosion resistance, easy installation, etc. Resin tile power together create charm to their homes.

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