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Hebei resin tile ChengXinChong rapid development era

by:Xingfa      2020-10-15
With the rapid economic development, resin technology, the craft is escalating, color is rich, lasting and stable performance, is popular with the masses of users on the market, annual sales continued to rise, good weatherability and underside adds wear-resisting layer. Can be used for the large-span steel structure roofing and wall, door type both meet the requirement of light steel structure workshop of anticorrosion, and can save steel, reduce the cost.

fire prevention performance is outstanding, is a flame retardant materials, flame retardant effect, there was no spontaneous combustion; Chemical resistance, acid, alkali, heat faster, lighting performance. Compared with galvanized watts more than 3 times its long service life; Material light and handling time, easy construction, low noise, because of its unique material, rain days, low noise. Heat insulation performance is good, resistance to heat transfer, heat faster, makes the work environment is comfortable. In recent years, the resin tile ChengXinChong is widely used in the workshop, factory, warehouse roof tile.

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