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Having a House Roofing Tiles

by:Xingfa      2020-06-17
At the present amount of the West in new construction and repair of shingles is about 86% of total roofing. System not surprising, because the tile is completely insensitive to any effects: heat and frost, hail, and hurricanes, acid rain, ultraviolet and infrared radiation, therefore on. At the same time, regular repainting is necessary not only to conventional steel roof, and covered with zinc . Under the influence of infrared radiation decomposes the molecules of polymer materials, and they become brittle and are gradually destroyed. This applies to soft shingles, as well as steklopolimernym, steklobitumnym, rubber and other materials of your type. In Asbestos-cement slate, always contains the remnants of free lime, willingly settle mosses and lichens. Slate - a rather porous material, and if it does not cover the special alkali-resistant paint, quickly polluted and destroyed. An exclusive range crowned by modern copper roofing materials. Copper roofing is actually recognized as to be as durable as stone, but is much more expensive. The beauty and elegance of the tiled roofs are well known. They create an unique style of many cities, towns and communities. These roofs with minimal care for a long time did not require repair. In area with a tiled roof, creating a beautiful acoustic comfort: rain, hail, wind, urban transport is almost completely disappears. The features of tile roofing are: fire resistance, durability, decorative.Traditional natural tile - small-sized piece roofing material with a simple coefficient of linear thermal expansion, and with two vertical locks, in touching which the appearance of cracks is practically hopeless. about gutter heaters Further, a closer examine the main types of natural tile. Ceramic tile - an elite, prestigious stuff, virtually maintenance-free. For the creation of ceramic tiles used fusible clay, which, unlike the clays used for making bricks, more fat and plastic. Production of ceramic tiles are usually placed near the quarry, from which take natural coal (clay). First, the mass of clay molded in the connected with tiles (special forms), and then baked in an model. Firing is very energy intensive process, hence the high associated with their products. But on the other hand, the heavy cost of quality is fully consistent using this elite roofing item. Modern production of ceramic tiles is dissimilar in that may be almost completely automated and manual operations are minimized. Treatments for acne you to significantly increase productivity, improve product quality, including, significantly reduce the tolerance deviations away from the geometric parameters. Natural brick-red color of the material mounted to the iron oxides contained in the clay. No special dye is not added. At an identical time, ceramic tile, produced by different factories, different shades, which is having features of the clay used. Distinguish between natural ceramic tile could be tapped on that. The sound is clean, not jarring. And apparently it differs from the other from the cement-sand tile thickness for the tiles, form the edge, natural brick color. The cement-sand tile made of cement, silica sand and natural pigments reported by iron oxide. Such tiles are not subjected to firing, and is gaining strength as an end result of hardening of cement. The excellence of the cement-sand tile along with large extent depends on the quality of raw materials and compliance with the applicable technology. In contrast to ceramic tiles, the color of cement-sand is determined by special dyes that are added into the concrete mass before molding. These dyes do not affect the strength of the tiles and are in opposition to sunlight. After forming the surface of the tile is usually applied to the special composition, sealing the concrete surface and improves dark-colored areas of tiles. Available also unpainted gray shingles. The cement-sand tile can be made almost any hue. The most common and almost always in stock from manufacturers colors - brick red, black, green, brown. Tile other colors are usually made to have. The cement-sand tile slightly cheaper than ceramic, but has almost the same characteristics: tensile strength and flexural strength, a very high temperature and frost resistance, water resistance, good dimensional stability. In addition, cement-sand tile dampens noise as well in the rain or wind. Clay and cement-sand tiles can combine the title 'natural', because the cement-sand tiles are made from cement - essentially the same clay, or in other words clay-calcareous marl, pigments and silica sand. Tiles of cement-sand tile ceramic cheaper by about one half. However, given the associated with additional elements that do not depend within type of tile, the price difference is only about 50%. The question naturally arises: if this kind of price difference, why ceramic tiles remain in demand? First, we can not ignore the traditional aspect. Second, decorative ceramic tiles up. Third, ceramic tile, so paint coating or glaze has an effortless surface with minimal water absorption. Something else is the cement-sand tile. Being a program of sand and cement, to getting rid of it is viewed as a certain roughness. After the expiry of paint (10-15 years) of cement-sand tile starts to keep and absorb water, which gradually contributes to cracking. Therefore, daily life of the tile is determined less than much frost as the quality paint and the application to pc or google tv. Currently available tiles of assorted kinds. Individuals impossible chatting them all, we mention only the basic, one-and dvuhzhelobkovye. Which to choose - a subject of taste, but it should be noted that odnozhelobkovaya tile by using a flat bottom is more solid. Natural tile - probably the most durable materials, the battery of well over 100 years of.From an environmental point of view, preserving the earth . flawless. In comparison to metal roofs - not noisy when it rains, review is the most beautiful cover Under the coverage shingles supply virtually any style - hip, gable, mansard with dormers. Roof tiles securely maintain and beautify the structure of any height, this be real estate or a villa, public or industrial building. Because the tiles are attached to the sheathing only one edge, the top is able of moving parts, and discovered her to perceive the deformation the consequence of wind and snow loads, a draft of the house, other people. No other type of roof such opportunities is not. Given that most of time spent associated with construction of roof trusses on the device, crates, etc., not one of the roofing material has advantages in this respect. Nevertheless the tile is laid and replaced with simpler and faster than the others. The unit tile adjacency to the variety structures nadkrovelnym also easier than for big format, primarily of metallic materials. It should be noted, and another factor: huge family the associated with the roof slopes and angles, family members' clothes the sized tiles end up being used - it looks more enjoyable. Conversely, if sophisticated, rugged various architectural aspects of the roof with small pitched preferable to use tiles of small size. When using natural tile does not ever increase the cross portion of the rafters. For example, if metallic roof trusses are used 150h50 mm in increments of 900 mm, your own tiled roof is permissible to have the same, but by using a slightly smaller step - 700 mm. You should know also that in calculating the roof load is important, not the mass of one single slate tile, and essential weight for this tiles laid on a m2. This value is determined by the angle and model of the roof tiles. Typically, the coating weight of merely one m2 is 40-50 kg. At present, natural tile beginning to find increasing utilize in Russia, we are beginning to comprehend that the roofing should include a source of domestic peace, not a cause of constant concern. Unlike any other roofing tiles after laying any attention to themselves isn't required. Properly course it was made by tiled roof is an emblem of beauty, prosperity and confidence.
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