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Harbin resin tile manufacturers selling

by:Xingfa      2020-10-16
Harbin resin tile manufacturers, sales manager at tel: 133 - 4882 - 5100 ( Yellow manager) , the synthetic resin WaChang Harbin are customized production, Harbin resin tile accessories are dripping eaves and ridge tile, oblique ridge tile, tee, plug, great and small become warped up the feet, rectangular sealing side, v-shaped flashing, dragon playing beads, screw waterproof cushion cap, big gourd, xiao bao ding, etc.

synthetic resin tile is widely applicable in Harbin: rural self-built villa roof, ping change slope, old house renovation, the new rural construction, the roof garden, communities, reconstruction of cave roof, pavilions, city, etc.

as of 2019, Harbin, a total of over 18 at the county level administrative region, including nine districts, two county, 7 counties, daoli district, nangang, daowai district, collection, the loose north, xiangfang district, hulan district, a city, double, shangzhi city, wuchang municipality, yilan county, county and bin county, the founder who county, mulan county, river county, prolong life. Harbin city people's government in loose north century avenue no. 1.

100 square resin Havana, less money, shop just after the tomb-sweeping day little vacation a lot of friends to consult with my shop 100 square resin tile need how many money. In fact, the area of 100 square shop sounded simple resin tile, actually this is a vague problem. Harbin resin tile manufacturers give you detailed answer today.

a, 100 square refers to building covers an area of one hundred square meters? Still need to 100 square meters of resin tile? Because if building covers an area of 100 square meters, the dosage of the resin tile - usually in the 120 square meters About 130 square meters.
2, the cost of resin tile shop is mainly divided into three parts. Cost structure, such as light steel structure, wooden structure, reinforced concrete structure. The dosage of the dosage of resin, resin tile associated with the modelling of housing, for example, if more than 100 - square - meter house side slope and slope surface is different in quantity loss will be very different. At the same time, the cost of the structural changes. Pavement construction cost of resin, resin tile shop costs and building structure, modelling design, closely related to ease.

3, with light steel structure housing, 100 square meters of common resin tile shop is to calculate the cost of the cost of steel, 4 cm * 6 cm * 2 mm, about 40 - galvanized square pipe 50 the price according to the local market. Generally is about 55 yuan each. Artificial cost = shop + resin tile production structure, the market prices are usually in 25 Tile costs 40 yuan a square meter, resin, resin tile on cohesion xing as an example, the side slope area of about 39 - net use 48 yuan per square; Net using slope area of cost about 42 - both sides 50 yuan per square; Net using slope area of cost at about 52 in all directions. 5 - 70 yuan per square meter. To sum up 100 square resin tile shop price is in 3900 yuan - 13000 yuan or so
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