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Graphic explanation when installing synthetic resin tile roofing waterproof processing nodes

by:Xingfa      2020-10-17
At present, the synthetic resin tile has been widely used, but in the installation, will often appear all sorts of problems, lead to the late house leak rain. Is the main reason is that synthetic resin tile when installation specification, various roofing node position processing is not good. Here are detailed introduction of synthetic resin tile by combining various nodes of waterproof processing method: 1, overhangs processing to make side eaves and roof effective drainage, while protecting the cornice, under the eaves parts appropriate chooses synthetic resin sealing cornice. No rone overhangs, synthetic resin within the verge board by roof edge brim to bend down into 100 mm cover eaves, prior to installation of tile synthetic resin sealing cornice 6 - according to drawing 1 on the eaves and purline. Reinforced concrete rone overhangs installation method is the same, as shown in figure 6 - node processing 2. 2, gable verge of flood water treatment roof flashing and daughter wall junction: synthetic resin tile plate 6 - according to drawing Three dimension processing is completed, one end fixed on the wall with a nail, the other end is fixed on the tile wave. Cover the water: when the roof and perpendicular to the roof of the flood wall junction water treatment has been completed, the synthetic resin tile water cover plate respectively fixed on both sides of gable, as shown in figure 6 - 5. Note: the water tank, the chimney flashing fellowship with roofing tile are all around, the water can be divided into the front and bend a pan of water. Positive on the water refers to the roof tile is located in the structure of inclined uphill, synthetic resin tile plate can be 6 - according to drawing 3 size processing, lower fixed in structure below the waist line, the upper end fixed under the roof tile purlin. Positive under the flood water is refers to the roof tile is located in the structure of sloping downhill, synthetic resin tile plate can be 6 - according to drawing 4 size to add workers, fixed to the upper structures below the waist, under the fixed to the tile surface. Bend the water refers to the roof tile in structures on both sides of the inclined plane intersection, processing method and positive flood water is the same, as shown in figure 6 5. 3, skylight in the roof tile water treatment before the installation can be the first on both sides of skylight and the hill on the metal plate fixed to the roof of the window downhill after the installation of tile and metal drain cover on the tile, as shown in figure 6 - 6. 4, tiger window around the drainage treatment to make the tiger window above effective rainwater drainage, should be set up on both sides of the tiger window above, sink as shown.
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