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Glamorous synthetic resin tile environmental protection and safety

by:Xingfa      2020-10-14
Synthetic resin tile color bright, always can give a person a kind of unique light feeling; But there will be a few people think resin tile color is too bright and not good, today we on concrete to explain from the Angle of production processing.

a lot of people on resin tile uneasy, because its color is too bright, colourful resin tile does not represent its toxic, but is a kind of reflect good technical. Resin tile color generally have bordeaux, pewter, ocean blue and green, and so on, is also we usually use more color, does not contain any toxic, resin tile paint is industrialized method, different from general paint with toxic volatile, resin tile more health and safety.

so synthetic resin tile fade? The answer is no, resin has good pressure resistance, colour will not rub off because resin tile extrusion or damaged fade, theoretically resin tile color can use has no obvious change in the last thirty years, except, of course, buying illegal businessmen inferior product. Not only that, the different color resin can provide different users with a variety of selective, and can be combined with the surrounding environment to choose the appropriate resin tile, colour collocation also is a science is also a key, resin tile performance can be reflected more exaggerated.

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