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Gansu green ecological garden grass green resin tile has been shipped

by:Xingfa      2020-10-18
A green ecological garden in gansu province is under construction, the park all roof material selection of building materials of customization comes from star grass green resin, resin tile roof of grass green foil more exuberant, the whole ecology park visitors in shades of blue water, between suspected the peach garden, make people relaxed and happy, highly harmony between human and nature.

the graph is customization grass green resin tile and accessories, because grass green is not a conventional color, so need special customized production. Some manufacturer to customize products will increase, and our star building materials for the products of the same material, need specific color, specifications, thickness, etc will not increase.

the graph is customized production of grass green resin tile accessories: ridge tile and oblique ridge tile, hanging eaves, picture taken slightly off color, the color is actually very is the unification of the grass green.

to start lifting shipping

loading is completed, sent to gansu province ecology garden scene. Gansu ecological farm resin tile project phase I start digging
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