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FRP lighting transparent overview

by:Xingfa      2020-10-13
The optical sex: FRP lighting light transmittance of transparent to 60 90%, are scattered by FRP lighting transparent watt-hour, soft light, won't form a band, make indoor more resonant.
type weather resistance: due to product appearance over aging proof membrane, make the product of the resistance to aging performance further, at the same time joined the uv absorbing agent in the material, can make the plank filter out 99% of the sunlight ultraviolet ray, which slows the degradation of the material and color. Due to the excellent craft skills, make the service life of FRP lighting transparent tile reach more than 15 years, is expected to reach 20 years.
hit resistance: as the product layout contains interweave of glass fiber reinforced material, thus further to ensure the product against resistance. Under the gravel and the hail blow, not easy broken.
the decay resistance, acid, alkali and other chemicals has become, fully use in coastal and corrupt sex place.
temperature resistance: thermosetting polymer material, the use of category a 40 ℃ 120 ℃.
keep warm, heat conduction coefficient is 0. Only a quarter for glass kcat/MHR 18 ℃. So the plate heat preservation performance is good. Combustibility:
resistance can be divided into flame retardant Ⅰ and flame retardant Ⅱ; Flame retardant grade I OI&ge oxygen index; 32. Flame retardant grade Ⅱ OI&ge oxygen index; 26 cut to satisfy fire department requirements.
thermal stability: belong to thermosetting fiber reinforced plastic, the thermal expansion coefficient of 2. 2 x 10 - 5 mm/mm / ℃, only twice of the metal material, were set up as a pick color plate and metal plate equipment deployment by using relative displacement is small, not easy to appear slack and other signs.
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