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Foreign trade article: the hot weather in Nigeria, suitable for synthetic resin tile?

by:Xingfa      2020-10-13
Recently, we have reported the star hair building materials will open foreign trade tour, now, all the matters are in an orderly way. There is good news, today, it is a large domestic construction company interested in cooperation with our company, is a project in Nigeria purchasing synthetic resin tile.

Nigeria is a savannah climate, the overall high temperature and rainy, the year is divided into wet and dry conditions. In the face of such bad natural conditions, partner of synthetic resin tile quality requirement is very high. Star hair building materials, however, can have the confidence to provide the high grade product of resistance to the local climate, are determined to provide perfect service. Because, we have a long-term cooperation with Tibetan region engineering contractor precedent, Tibet regional climate condition is too bad, it's hot in summer, winter, ice and snow star resin tile withstood the test.

in the face of a tropical climate, bad quality of resin tile is easy to soften the collapse in the rain roof will appear small puddles, rain down the lap seam leakage flow into the interior. Cold climate for roof tile is also a severe test, withstand tile material will frost crack in low temperature. Therefore, both in the climate is hot and rainy and cold place, are very strict to the requirement of roof tile.

star hair resin tile always adhere to high quality route, because always firmly believe that quality is the cornerstone of development, so we confident to supply in Nigeria.
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