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For sichuan resin tile justify, star hair adhere to when striving to improve quality

by:Xingfa      2020-10-19
It is well known that the resin tile manufacturer mainly in sichuan and guangdong, the guangdong your resin was famous for, and resin in sichuan is famous for cheap, which became a few businessmen attack to denigrate the header.

here, as the sichuan region of 7 years old resin tile production factory, star hair small make up a words: sichuan region compared with guangdong region, the living standard is low, plant, labor, technology, management costs relatively low many, virtually reduced the cost of production of resin, can benefit to the consumer. That's why sichuan resin tile will be cheaper than guangdong resin tile reason, is not to say that cheap is inferior product.

in addition, due to the resin tile obtain government approval and people to love, developing rapidly in recent years, all over the country like mushrooms and a lot of new factory. And that there is no lack of among them mill type small plant, they eliminated equipment production, recycling companies formula, the lack of technical experience, lead to production of product quality cannot be guaranteed, and at a low price to market. Such a cheap inferior products all over the country, not only in sichuan.

in fact, if you want to for a long time, the quality is the cornerstone of any formal company won't do that undermines their reputation. In a competitive market, only getting the product is the current development, the stars send to do is to do a better job in niche markets, do a good job in every product in the spirit of craftsman. Star will send all the foreign trade market in the second half of this year to area, will China's high quality products are exported to all over the world. Star for sichuan resin tile justify, adhere to the quality when striving to improve.
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