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first roof tiles emerge from fletcher\'s new hungary plant

by:Xingfa      2019-11-05
Fletcher Building has opened a new $20 million roof tile manufacturing plant in Hungary, with the first batch of inventory production lines offline this month.
The factory attached to the Roofing roof is located in Varpalota in western Hungary, a highly industrialized area located between the border between Budapest and Slovakia.
Chris Ellis, chief executive of Fletcher\'s construction products division, said that the first production of the plant was the beginning of the AHI roof and gained a wider manufacturing presence in the markets facing the global recession.
This week, analysts also learned more about the business and how the opening of the Hungarian factory will strengthen the construction sector.
AHI Roofing is a leader in the roof industry in the world, Fletcher has a 75 share of the New Zealand roof market, and the amount generated by the enterprise is increasing.
Hello America
Half of Decra\'s sales revenue is $84 million.
For the year ended December 2007, the same period ended December 2008 grew to $0. 107 billion, although the US business is not expected to do well this year.
Sales, prices and operating income rose during both periods.
Analysts have heard that despite rising steel prices, the company\'s exports are strong.
Although sales here have declined due to a half reduction in the number of new homes, sales to Europe, the Middle East and Africa have performed well.
Fletcher said that the production of the plant in Hungary will enable AHI to provide better services to European customers and increase the penetration rate of high-tech.
Market and allow expansion to meet long-term growth expectations.
The factory will not be fully put into production until June.
At the end of 2007, Ellis went to Hungary after inspecting the Eastern European factories and signed a factory agreement.
Hungary is the center of the metal roof tile market, Ellis said, and the company wants to minimize shipping costs.
Fletcher sells German brand roof tiles in the United States and Gerrard brand roof tiles in Europe.
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