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Exciting youth, star emerging day trip to mountain dew - tile industry Foshan buddhist city star tile industry co. , LTD

by:Xingfa      2020-10-14
Exciting youth, star tile industry emerging day trip to mountain dew on September 26, in this crisp fall day, listen to the voice of the wind, star hair tile industry limited company organized a don't open the day trip to mountain dew. The travel at the same time, also in the mountains, surrounded by green trees hold & other Kitchen king star hair tile industry champions & throughout; , we have a clear division of responsibilities and LiLiSuoSuo, ten minutes later, the mountains everywhere filled with inviting aroma, make a person lick one's chaps. Under the three pair of kung fu has been done, each have each style. Trays of food in front, there are bitter melon stir-fried beef, chicken kidney copy peas, coke chicken wings, garlic slice lettuce and so on. We all eat and healthy, spent a pleasant day.
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