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Excellent Badminton Match

Excellent Badminton Match


In order to promote team spirit, Badminton match was held by Group Company. Xingfa Tile Industry CO.,LTD staff from different department have actively participated in this match. With the tenet of “Friendship First, Competition Second”, staff have showed a good spirit of solidarity and cooperation.

In this game, the old players actively cultivated and cooperated with the new players, which shows the profound friendship.The news players worked hard and tried their best to take responsibility, which fully embodies the concept of our enterprise.What’s more, this concept is used in their work and life. The leadership has attaches great importance to this activity and given full affirmation and support to all participants.  

Through the efforts, Xingfa Tile Industry CO.,LTD won the game.In this process, everyone not only does physical exercise but also enhances the mutual understanding between all colleagues.

Xingfa Tile Industry CO.,LTD will keep up the good work and strive for the greater things in the next game!

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