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Environmental protection building materials new direction - — Lead-free synthetic resin tile

by:Xingfa      2020-10-16
Industry and trade co. , LTD. , in order to adapt to the trend of times development, meet the pressing needs of the users, took the lead in the industry to launch the brand lead-free synthetic resin tile. The product in the production process to choose green, environmental protection of calcium zinc stabilizers, ruled out the harmful heavy metals such as lead salt stabilizer and other additives. Lead-free synthetic resin tile product has the following obvious characteristics: 1, non-toxic, tasteless, safety and health. Through the SGS testing, in line with the developed countries such as the eu ROHS environmental protection standard. 2, calcium zinc stabilizer good coupling effect, give good filler dispersion, toughening effect, thus effectively improve the mechanical and physical properties of the products. The experiment showed that the mechanical and physical indicators are better than the lead salt stabilizer. 3, do not contain heavy metals such as lead salt, the product not only not due to factors such as precipitation of lead sulfide, lead to product the phenomenon such as yellow, black, it has more excellent whiteness and sulfide pollution resistant. 4, calcium zinc stabilizers of coloration, stability and dispersion, etc. , effectively enhance the products of the melt strength, not only the efficiency of extrusion products, more improved products gloss, improve the appearance of the products, to make the products more compact and light. 5, lead-free synthetic resin tile product has excellent thermal stability, light resistance and weather resistance and other characteristics, can adapt to changes in the weather of the four seasons, and effectively extend the service life of the product.
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