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Entrepreneurship: remember do home university star synthetic resin tile agents

by:Xingfa      2020-10-18
Thank you for your help and support, I must double efforts to do the business better. Home business do star hair synthetic resin tile agents at the county level of the college graduates ChuJun happy said to star hair building materials and technical personnel.

when in college, just want to find something to do, unlike most of the students the idea of looking for a part-time, ChuJun want to do a career. An accidental opportunity, he learned that a senior want to turn on campus open bike out, immediately seize the opportunity, will the car.

and so, less than a month into the university time, ChuJun became a students with a fixed store boss. Dealer's business is getting better and better, under his influence, many college students also rekindle the passion.

with accumulation of doing business, in June, after graduating from college, I have been contemplating ChuJun find a project to do business, after inspection and screening, returned home to start star hair synthetic resin tile county agency business. The stars send technical personnel in the past to his first single business would be able to undertake to provide help and support, further help him be familiar with the product and installation key points, and how to open up the market, etc. As a large formal synthetic resin tile manufacturers, star hair building materials will give dealers offer whatever help and support, whether dealers have any problems, we will actively cooperate with help.

ChuJun is one who has a sense of touch, business has its own set of doing business, believe that he spent five years to become a region of hubei province general agent.
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