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Enhance synthetic resin tile, wind resistance and waterproof, impact resistant

by:Xingfa      2020-10-16
Summer, for most areas in China, heavy rains and high winds will follow, each year because of bad weather such as storm, typhoon result in broken houses have many, especially the old soil was pulled, tile roof leaks, let people of vexed, new type of roofing materials resin, single area is large, installation is simple, not easy to leak, wind resistance seismic effect is remarkable. Popular in recent years, the domestic market. Resin tile manufacturers recommended for everybody today is one of the patented product industry and trade - — Glass fiber reinforced synthetic resin tile, glass fiber reinforced synthetic resin tile using four layer composite, a molding technology, in the middle of the synthetic resin tile composite co-extrusion is a high-strength glass fiber grid cloth, make the product impact, fracture and deformation temperature performance have been improved significantly. Not only has the waterproof and wind resistance, resistance to hail effect is remarkable, especially suitable for strong winds, heavy rain can be used under bad weather environment. Experimental testing proves that the glass fiber reinforced synthetic resin tile has superior resistance to pull off. Compared to the ordinary resin breaking capacity can be increased by 82%, and effectively avoid caused by strong winds tear of the roof tile; Glass fiber reinforced synthetic resin tile has extraordinary impact resistance, compared to ordinary resin tile roof, shock resistance increased by 50%, suitable for hail occurrence areas; Glass fiber reinforced synthetic resin tile with deformation resistance, because of its stability, built-in glass fiber itself can ensure roof tile obvious change in temperature difference under the condition of deformation, effectively resolves the problem of roofing waterproof. Resin tile manufacturers are now facing the national promotion of glass fiber reinforced synthetic resin tile products, price concessions, welcome calls negotiate: 0535 - 3490877, 13589772720,
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