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elon musk wants to sell you a solar roof

by:Xingfa      2019-10-30
On Friday night, in a Hollywood speech on climate change, Tesla CEO Elon Musk introduced to the audience the \"solar roof\" he hopes to make a difference in the upcoming global crisis\"
\"The goal is to make the solar roof look better than the normal roof and generate longer power, Musk told his audience:\" The insulation is better, the installation cost is actually lower than the normal roof, plus the electricity bill . \".
The participants initially did not notice anything unusual about the roof of their house, which was exactly Musk\'s intention.
\"Electric cars are not good-looking.
Their range is very low;
They did not perform well.
It\'s like a golf cart.
\"So it\'s hard for people to buy electric cars,\" Musk explained . \".
\"There\'s something similar happening with solar energy.
We need to make solar panels as attractive as electric cars.
\"While the roof takes the look of the common roof top, the roof tiles are made of textured glass, allowing light to pass through the standard flat panel solar cells.
Musk claims that the efficiency of these tiles will reach 98% of the traditional roof solar panels, generating almost the same energy per square foot.
Musk has made it clear that he hopes that further technological developments on panels will actually make them more productive and efficient than traditional panels.
Let\'s say Tesla shareholders approve the company\'s upcoming $2 next month.
Combined with Sun City 2 billion (
All owned by Musk)
As the largest roof installer in the United States, they will work with Panasonic to produce solar cells.
Musk has always been a supporter of building solar roofs.
If your roof is coming to an endof-
\"Life, anyway, you have to get a new roof,\" Musk explained in August . \".
\"So why not have a solar roof that is better in many other ways ? \" This argument and other similar arguments seem to be the trend of the future.
Politically, Musk\'s statement cannot come at a more casual time.
Solar energy has become news as Florida is about to hold a referendum, and a Pew Research Center survey earlier this month found that 89% of American adults are in favor of expanding the use of solar energy, compared, there are only 9% against it.
Perhaps more hopeful, though only 4% of homeowners have solar panels, 40% say they have seriously considered installing them over the past year.
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